I can’t find the app in the iStore

Get this one quite  often, it a peculiarity of the iStore. While most will use the Upper Limb Impairment Calculator on an iPad, especially those with older iPhones with a smaller screen, the app is basically designed for iPhones. So look under iPhone apps.

Instructions for use

To make it easy to use we have produced detailed instructions which you can download below.

Android: App instructions (Android)
iOS: App instructions (iOS)

We’ve also prepared detailed demonstration videos for both iOS and Android which can be viewed below:



Is this App available in an Android version?

The Android version has recently been released and is available through Google Play Store here:

Can I have a free copy of your app to try it out?

Sure, you can download the app for free from the App Store or the Google Play Store and test out all the functionality free for 30 days. After that to continue using the app you will need to upgrade to the paid version.

I have some difficulty with the approach to sensation and amputation in the app.

It does seem as if it is at variance with the guides but it is really the same, and we think a more accurate way of deriving the impairments. Please read the instructions and watch the short video on Amputation and sensation. If you still have some questions please Contact Us and we will answer your questions.

We have prepared a short video further explaining our approach to Amputation and Sensory loss which can be viewed below:

I love your app!

Thanks! We always love hearing feedback so feel free to Contact Us as we’d love to hear about your experience with the app, and if you have a chance to submit a nice review on the App Store so others can hear about your experience as well, that would certainly be appreciated. Equally, if you don’t like the app, please tell us why so we can work on making it even better.

Why is the full priced version split into hand and rest of upper limb?

Some people have told us they never use the hand and others have told us they only use the hand. The way the upgrade works in the stores means that if you want both you need to upgrade twice, sorry there is no other way at present.

I’ve noticed an error – what should I do?

Please Contact Us with the details so we can investigate the error and get it fixed.

I’m having issues using your app – what can I do?

Please check out the guide for using the app and if you still require assistance, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us with the details and we’ll do what we can to assist you further.

I am stuck on the first page and can’t start a new record, why is my app faulty?

No it is unlikely that you have a faulty app. The most common cause of not being able to progress beyond the first page is holding the device in landscape. Because of the number of fields required the app only works in portrait mode, so turn it around.