Created by a senior hand surgeon, the Upper Limb Impairment Calculator is designed in accordance with the AMA Guides for the Evaluation of Permanent Impairments, editions 4 and 5.

Calculating the degree and nature of upper limb impairments is a complex and tedious process, particularly in severe cases. Prior to the development of the Upper Limb Impairment Calculator app, it was necessary to look up multiple values in tables and charts, which would then need to be processed using a tedious calculation process. This time-consuming process was not only inconvenient, but it also left room for  inevitable errors.

With the Upper Limb Impairment Calculator app, range of motion data is entered and the impairment is automatically calculated in a matter of moments. All combinations and additions are automatically processed. Amputations and sensory impairments can be more accurately assessed using this app. If there is an amputation as well as sensory loss then this can be taken into account.

Users can also make corrections for any inherent reduction in range of motion on the uninjured side of the body very simply using this app.

The Upper Limb Impairment Calculator app allows physicians to generate a comprehensive report in moments. The report is available in an easy-to-read PDF format. It can then be emailed to any relevant interested parties. You can also store the report on your device or by using cloud-based storage.

Each report contains an array of information, including:

• Data on the range of motion for all joints

• Amputation and sensory impairment values

• Information on the nature and extent of other impairments

• Corrected values (where applicable); and

• A summary of various impairments, including hand, upper limb and whole body impairments.

Quite simply, the Upper Limb Impairment Calculator app allows for rapid and straightforward patient evaluations. A time-consuming, error-prone process is now simple, reliable and effective. Get the Upper Limb Impairment Calculator app today!